Excerpt from Chapter 10 – “THE ‘SATANIC’ VERSES”

Published March 28, 2018

Also, of hundreds of gods and goddesses all believed by the
Arabs to have powers of intercession, the Quran somehow
singled out just the three goddesses to tell the Arabs: “Allah had
sent down no authority for them.” They happened to be Lat,
`Uzza, and Manat—the three at the heart of the debated incident.
Why just these three? Why not say: “Allah has not sent down any
authority for any of the idols worshipped by you”? Just excluding
these three would normally mean that other gods and goddesses
were not part of the exclusion—unless, of course, there was a
special reason to mention only these three. And if there was such
special reason, what could that be? It is at least fair to conclude
that some incident regarding these goddesses must have taken
place, as the Quran would not otherwise have any cause to
separate them from the rest. And because Muslim historians do
not record any other episode explaining why these three
goddesses should have been mentioned in this Surah, the incident
of the Satanic Verses is the only candidate in the field.