Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “THE QURAN AND JUSTICE”

Published March 13, 2018

There is thus little disagreement as far as the priority of justice
is concerned—all are agreed that it should be foremost. It is when
we come to what justice truly means that differences emerge. In
this chapter, we familiarize ourselves with the Quran’s
understanding of justice.

One may have started with the caution that because each age
has its own vision of justice, one must not expect the Quran to
replicate ours, but there are Muslims, particularly the more
moderate ones, who insist that it does. They maintain that, in
contrast to man-made systems of thought, which are anchored in
their respective times, the Quran transcends this limitation and is
able to deliver a concept of justice remarkably consistent with our
present-day understanding. They even demand that credit be
given to the Quran for recent advances in moral philosophy. We
must keep this claim in perspective as we take a closer look at the
Quran’s concept of justice.