Excerpt from Chapter 4 – “THE QURAN: A SCIENTIFIC MIRACLE”

Published March 10, 2018

It is apparent that there is absolutely no consonance between
the two. The moon clearly travels a far greater distance in 12,000
lunar months than light travels in one day. This difference is only
exacerbated when we take into account the fact that the moon
(together with the earth) is also orbiting the sun during this
period. If one counts that distance as well, another
911,047,227,926.07 kilometers would need to be added.*

Incidentally, even the author of the above-referenced source is
conscious that calculations do not match. To overcome this
difficulty, the author attempts huge adjustments. First, the lunar
month is reduced to 27.3 days—which is inconsistent with the
translation noted above (as this is not how we count time based
on the lunar cycle; we count it as 29.5 days). Second, rather than
enhancing the distance traveled by the moon on account of its
orbit around the sun, a reverse calculation is made—this on the
pretext that distance should be measured outside the gravitational
fields. One is not sure what exactly it means for the distance to be
measured outside the gravitational field, or why this should be,
considering that the earth and the moon have always existed, ever
since their creation 4.6 billion years ago, within the gravitational
field of the sun!

* 940,000,000km/365.25 days x 29.5days/lunar month x 1200 lunar months =
911,047,227,926.07 km