Excerpt from Chapter 3 – “MUHAMMAD: THE LAST PROPHET”

Published March 7, 2018

Maududi’s explanation is problematic. To begin with, it is
entirely speculative and contrary to accounts recorded by Muslim
historians. Maududi then suggests that the words “You were at
that time keeping hidden in your heart that which Allah intended
to reveal; you were fearing the people, whereas Allah has a greater
right that you should fear Him” disclose the Prophet’s reluctance
(not his desire) to marry Zaynab. If so, the Quran cannot be
commended for clarity. Most significantly, however, Maududi’s
explanation suggests that Muhammad dared play games with
Allah—that he instructed Zayd not to divorce Zaynab in order to
evade a situation decreed by Allah, simply because that would have
proven embarrassing!

One also wonders whether adoption was really such a critical
“social evil” to require instant corrective action at the hands of the
Prophet, when other issues far more demanding of intervention
were left entirely to Muslim jurists to fight. The Quran does not,
for instance, bar slavery, as we shall see in Chapter 5. It is
intriguing as well that the above-quoted verses address the case
only of adopted sons, not of adopted daughters. Could this be
because Muhammad’s situation did not demand a verdict
regarding the latter? The end result at least is that there is no clear
bar regarding adoption of girls, though the “social evil” should be