Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “THE QURAN SPEAKS”

Published March 1, 2018

Religious minorities, however, are not the only ones to feel
uneasy in Muslim societies. In most non-Muslim countries, certain
personal freedoms are now taken for granted, even if they are
opposed to the religion of the majority. The underlying principle
is that each person, man or woman, is entitled to equal respect,
which means that the society must not interfere with his or her
personal choices. The consensus is that each individual must be
extended the maximum possible liberty compatible with equal
liberty for others15 and that, so long as one stays within such
confines, the society has no right to punish one’s personal
choices.16 On the basis again that all persons are equal, it is
concluded that slavery is absolutely impermissible; there can be no
discrimination on the basis of sex alone; each person is entitled to
freedom of expression and freedom of religion and none can be
punished for choosing or changing their religion; and so on. A
corollary to the aforesaid is that there can be no limits on
consenting adults freely associating with each other, particularly in
the privacy of their homes.